Jazz Party night

"Thanks Louis for arranging a wonderful evening.
We had 12 guests from the UK come over.
They thoroughly enjoyed it.
Keep it up if you can.
The next Jazz Party will take place on Saturday 17th January, 2015
at AF-Borgen, Lund ( the student house in "Lundagård").
10 bands - 6 venues all for one price, 375 + charges SEK.
Hotels with special prices (see hotels).
Its the biggest party in Lund!
Last time there were 1,000 happy people.


Hotel offer

Special prices at 2 hotels in Lund.
995 SEK/single room including ticket and breakfast.
1.395 SEK for double room and 2 tickets.
To be booked directly at the hotels:
Concordia Hotel or Lilla Hotellet

Map, see "karta".

Lund information

This film will tell about the future of Lund.

Film about Lund

Staying in Lund

For other hotels or B&B, see Lund Turist office.

Staying in Lund
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